Alba Intensive Training for HR Professionals

Violette Kjeldgaard instructs participants in last year's Alba workshop.

Violette Kjeldgaard instructs participants in last year's Alba workshop.

The HR Hammer is always on the lookout for interesting approaches to training that will help HR professionals grow in their jobs. For those of you in the Los Angeles area, consider this upcoming Alba workshop that comes to us from Violette Kjeldgaard, a friend of the blog.

Dealing with people and paperwork day in and day out can be emotionally taxing. Conscious control of your emotions can give you more energy to complete your daily tasks. Reading and correctly interpreting the emotional states of others could be useful to you in all kinds of situations from initial interviewing to periodic reviewing. 

The skills gained from Alba can assist an HR professional in identifying emotional states in employees/co-workers and provides you with the ability to adjust your emotional state to create a more comfortable and welcoming environment, thus bolstering interpersonal communication. The increased emotional intelligence can provide you with better mediation skills.

Alba is a somatic approach to emotional awareness, access and control. Developed by neuroscientist Dr. Susana Bloch and associates in the 1970s, Alba is based on voluntarily controllable physiological responses. Alba provides somatic markers that are indicative of specific emotions, making Alba a useful tool for emotional awareness and regulation. One discovers a greater awareness of habitual patterns and avoidances, is able to identify emotional markers in self and others and gains control to adjust emotional response to best suit the situation.

The implications of Alba training are wide reaching. Alba is a powerful tool for individual growth as emotionally intelligent beings. The discoveries are endless.

Upcoming LA intensive consisting of 30 hours with Master Teacher Jessica Beck (CL5) and teachers Anne Schilling (CL4) and Violette Kjeldgaard (CL3) Jan 13-20, 2018.

If you are interested in the intensive please complete the interest/registration form here.