Stephanie Hammerwold
aka The HR Hammer


The HR Hammer is a superhero for the 21st-century workplace. Whether it is helping employers improve their workplaces, championing causes important to employees or celebrating workplace heroes, the HR Hammer uses her superpowers to make our work lives better.

Stephanie Hammerwold (aka The HR Hammer) got her start in HR when she was sent out on her first temp assignment as an HR assistant, which turned into a career in HR. During her time in HR, Stephanie successfully managed the hiring and onboarding for two new grocery store locations, implemented harassment training per California requirements and was a key member of teams implementing new HR technology.  After nearly 10 years in corporate HR in both the grocery and manufacturing/distribution industries, she and Tim Pershing started Hammerwold & Pershing, an HR consulting business, which focused on helping small businesses with their HR needs. Stephanie has transitioned out of HR consulting and is back to corporate HR at a tech startup in Irvine.

Stephanie and Tim's also founded Pacific Reentry Career Services, an all-volunteer nonprofit which helps formerly incarcerated women find work and educates employers on the benefits of fair chance hiring. In June 2017, Pacific Reentry Career Services hosted Orange County's first Fair Chance Hiring Summit, which brought together employers and service providers to discuss the benefits and challenges of hiring those with records and to come up with ways that we can support the formerly incarcerated in rebuilding their lives and becoming productive members of society.

Stephanie earned an MA in Women’s Studies at San Diego State University and a BA in English from California Lutheran University. She has experience working with domestic violence survivors and was part of an organization that brought art and writing programs to the women’s jails in Santa Cruz, California. When not acting as the HR Hammer, Stephanie enjoys reading, writing fiction, hiking and road tripping. You can read more about her non-workplace interests on her book blog.

To read more of Stephanie’s writing on HR and the workplace, visit Workology, The HR Gazette and Talent Culture.

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