Top Ten Performance Management Tips

By Stephanie Hammerwold

Earlier this year I spoke with John Wright of HR Today about performance management and outsourced HR. At the end of the interview, I gave my top ten performance management tips. You can listen to the interview on SoundCloud. For more tips on performance management, check out my post on performance management basics over at Blogging4Jobs.

  1. Performance management isn’t just about the annual review. (See number 2.)
  2. Provide ongoing feedback throughout the year.
  3. Document! Document! Document!
  4. Meet with employees for quick check-in meetings on a regular basis.
  5. Observe how workers manage their time.
  6. Keep job descriptions updated, so employees know what’s expected of them.
  7. Communicate clear goals.
  8. Have employees help draft their own goals.
  9. Train managers on performance management.
  10. Don’t forget about giving positive feedback.

Did I miss anything? Share your top performance management tips in the comments.